5 Best Free Apps for Shooting Videos on Instagram Reels on Android and iPhone

Videos are a great way to get people’s attention on Instagram, which can really pay off in your marketing efforts if you do it right. However, you probably don’t have the Arsenal of Instagram video editing software or the time to learn how to use it.Fortunately, there are plenty of great free video editing apps that you can use on both Android and iPhone so that you can quickly and easily create Instagram reels in the style you like. Here are seven of the best you can start with!


List of the 5 best Instagram video Editors for Android and iOS

1. VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow (VN)
Sometimes stylized as VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow, VN Video Editor is a video editing application designed for iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops. This Instagram Reels video editor is absolutely free, it is not equipped with watermarks or other inconveniences, and its usefulness for editing a number of videos for modern purposes is considered very useful.

Main Features:

.Import your own media
.Humanized interaction with voice recording
.Automatic saving of drafts
.Supports multiple videos and images
.Full-screen preview mode
.Download EasyCut-Video Editor and Creator (Capcut) for Android and iOS (Free)

2. iMovie
iMovie is an intelligent editing app that meets all your Instagram video editing needs. The user interface is simple and easy to use, it has everything you need, basic functions such as cropping, effects, audio synchronization and much more. You can even control which parts of the video or audio you want to play when a particular slide is displayed in your slideshow. It also has its own music library where you can choose from tracks present on your device. The quality of the output file is also high.

Main Features:

.Easily imported content
.simple templates for short videos, titles and transitions
.supports a wide range of file formats
Download EasyCut-iMovie for iOS (Free)

3. Videoleap Editor by Lightricks(Enlight Videoleap)
With this Videoleap mini editor and videographer, you will be able to enjoy advanced video editing applications, music editing and much more. Enlight Video Editor Leap is a powerful editor with powerful editing features of high-quality and powerful tools. This is an Android video lab.

Main Features:

.Movie Editing Tools
.Video Special Effects
.Creative cinematic compositions
.with precise video editing and rich features
.Sound Editing
Download Videoleap Editor on Lightricks for Android and iOS (Free)

4. Video Editor & Maker – InShot(InShot)
InShot is a new video editing application that allows you to capture and edit high-quality 360 degree videos on your smartphone. Facebook Instagram Facebook Facebook’s goal is to share these videos on social networking sites, most importantly on Instagram and Facebook.

Main Features:

.Video Sharing
.Merging video clips
.Video Cropping
.Importing photos or images
.Adding animations, stickers, or text to a video
.Applying various filter effects
.Adding music or sound effects
download InShot for Android and iOS (free)

5. Vlogit – free video editor for Vlogger
If you are a YouTuber or a video blogger and want to get a completely free video editing application without restrictions or requirements, you should try Vlogit. Create your masterpiece and post it on YouTube directly from the app! You can also upload your own YouTube tile there.

Main Features:

.Combining photos and videos
.Custom Openers
.Social Stickers
.Add music, sound effects and voice-overs
.Professional clip editing tools
.video effects
.Save and Share
.Attractive vignettes
.International language support
Download Vlogit-Free video editor for Vlogger, for Android and iOS (Free)

In today’s world of social media and visual video sharing has become an important part of social and business strategy. They’ve taken traditional static images as a much better way to get people’s attention, but that doesn’t mean you should post anything on these networks without making sure it looks good. Video editing apps can help you shoot your raw footage from fur to oh in no time. So get out and start shooting and then editing!