7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Site’s Ranking on Google

Is it difficult for you to find yourself in the search results ? You can improve your rating by following these steps. The following tips will help you improve your site’s ranking in regular Google search results.


1. Setting up a Google My Business account

Do you know when you search for a company on Google and get a small list of directories on the right? These ads come from Google My Business. The Google My Business list allows you to check your company’s location on Google maps, update contact information in Google search results, among other things. To maximize the effectiveness of your company profile, you will need to request or create one.

2. You need to update the metadata

Metadata refers to HTML tags that you use in your code to transmit information about certain pages of your site to search engines. The meta page title and meta tag description are among the most important meta tags for SEO. Your website should have a unique meta page title and meta description for each page. For more information about writing amazing meta tags for SEO, check out our blog about writing amazing meta tags for SEO.

3. Consider Reagent Design

Currently, most websites are focused on mobile devices (optimized for mobile devices). At the very least, you need to make your website mobile-friendly if it’s an older website and you’re not ready to redesign it. The lack of a mobile website will cause your goggle website to be lower in search results on mobile devices, which will damage your organic traffic. In conclusion, the only thing you should remember from this blog is the importance of responsive design.

4. Increase the content of the pages by 250 words

The world of web design is really visually intrusive and for good reason. However, the content still reigns supreme. This does not mean that you should post your unpublished novel on the homepage of your corporate website. You have to use the right amount of content in the right place. Your pages must contain at least 250 words for Google indexing. The goal is to find the perfect balance between content and images. You can achieve this with markers, short paragraphs, and long scrollable pages.

5. You can speed up your website

According to Kiss metrics, a delay of a second in response to a page can lead to a decrease in conversions by 7%? You may lose more customers every second it takes to load your website. Try this free tool to check the speed of your website. Contact the developer if the site takes more than 4 seconds to load.

6. Elimination of broken links

There are several reasons why ties are broken, but the most common reason is changes. It is quite possible that you have contacted a website that no longer exists, to which you referred a few years ago. A diagnostic tool can help you find out if your link has worked before. You also need to create 301 redirects if you redesigned your website but kept the old content and links. Please ask your digital marketing team to check for broken links on your website.

7. Alternative text for images

Running a diagnostic program is the easiest way to determine if there is no alternative text in the image. Alternative text is the identification of HTML image attributes. The alternative text describes what an image is or what it contains. Your site needs an “alternative text” for each image. The text appears when the image is not loading, and helps your images appear in search results.

SEO is a tedious and intimidating process, but in the last decade it has become increasingly important. For help in improving search engine rankings, contact Informatics, Inc. today.. We can improve the ranking of web pages through digital marketing and use search capabilities.