Top 5 in Demand for Cybersecurity Jobs in India 2022

By comparison, network administrators and software developers are more common and well-known jobs, while cybersecurity work is more limited but is rapidly becoming more important. Due to the fact that our economy is increasingly focused on the Internet, organizations are more vulnerable to hackers and cyber attacks. Cybersecurity teams are critical to business, even if there is a police force in the area.


Cybersecurity Jobs in India

1.As a network security engineer

Every organization needs a network security engineer. Security systems are being implemented in the organization to counter potential threats. The job of a system administrator is to maintain systems, detect vulnerabilities, and automate processes. In addition, they manage firewalls, routers, switches and various monitoring tools, as well as VPNs (virtual private networks). A network security engineer starts receiving a salary of Rs 4 per year and can earn up to Rs 8 per year.

2.Cybersecurity Analyst

Cybersecurity analysts plan, implement and update control and security measures. Neither their constant monitoring of access security, nor their internal or external security audits reveal vulnerabilities in the security system. They also conduct risk assessments, vulnerability assessments, and security assessments. In addition to these functions, the analyst is responsible for training other employees in security awareness and best practices.

Cybersecurity analysts receive a starting salary of Rs 6 lakhs per year.

3.Cybersecurity Architect

A security architect is critical to a company’s network and IT security architecture. They plan, research and develop security measures. If a company does not have a security architect, its security system is vulnerable. Security architects design the structure according to the needs of the company and consult with programmers to create it. In addition to architectural design, they develop policies and procedures regarding how their employees should use their security systems, and determine sanctions in case of violation.

A security architect earns an average of 17 lakh rupees per year.

4.Bears no responsibility for Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity managers are responsible for maintaining security protocols throughout the organization. They ensure the security of their clients’ networks and Internet connections and manage a team of IT specialists. Cybersecurity officials also regularly review existing security policies to make sure they are up-to-date in the face of new threats. As part of ongoing security tests, they also regularly check all connected servers, switches, routers and other devices.

Cybersecurity officials receive an average salary of Rs 12 lakhs per year

5.RSSI (Head of Information Security Department)

PWC reports that more than 80% of companies currently have RSSI in their management teams. RSSI must ensure that cybersecurity plans are consistent with their organization’s vision, policies and technologies. RSSI defines, develops, implements and maintains processes throughout the organization to prevent violations. In response to incidents, they develop appropriate standards and security measures. They also monitor the implementation of security policies and procedures.

CISO can expect to receive from 2 to 4 crore rupees per year.

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Here are the five most popular cybersecurity jobs in India today. Several other roles remain vacant in the field of information security, including information security risk audit, firewall development and security device development, as well as security analysts, intrusion detection and security incident resolution specialists, and cryptologists.

The demand for cybersecurity specialists will continue to grow as organizations from a wide range of different sectors, such as banks, government, retail and BFSI, will actively attract specialists. It is very important to attract specialists with proper training in these areas. After their training , good jobs will be waiting for them !