5 the best search results tracking tool to track the position of keywords

Tracking a keyword(s) is such a difficult task, especially when your blog is outdated and contains several keywords, isn’t it? So manual keyword tracking is a tedious and boring task, isn’t it? Well, SERP makes these tasks easier for you.


There are many search result tracking tools available, and these tools track all your keywords with one click. But now the question arises about which tool is the best, because every company that provides tools claims to be the best.

Thus, it is even more difficult for users to choose the best, Thebloggerpoint has simplified the task for you. Our team of experts has been tracking the list of search results tracking tools, and at the end we have pre-selected the top 5 tools that you can use for your keyword tracking task.

These tools are on top and provide you with the exact position of your keywords without performing any manual tasks. So let’s start the article and get acquainted with the top 5 best search result tracking tools to track the position of keywords, we will simplify this, which means providing you with detailed information in simple words and not introducing you to jargon.


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SEMrush is one of the great tools that allows you to do several things. Many professional developers, bloggers and digital marketing experts use this tool to check the ranking and movement of their keywords.

This tool takes your keywords and tracks them so that you can work harder to rank them higher in the search engine. In addition, it also allows you to effortlessly check the keywords of your competitors, their rating and marketing strategies.

Not only that, but using this tool in the daily life of a blogger allows you to find the best keywords with minimal keyword complexity, find backlinks and much more, and SEMrush is also available in 130 countries and more than 20 billion keywords.

You can easily track all the positions of your keywords, for example, where they are in the ranking, and where your competitor’s keywords are in the ranking to improve your stuff.

Easily create and track your PPC campaigns
Keep track of your competitors’ keywords, ratings, and marketing tools.
Allows you to conduct an SEO audit and publish on social networks.
Too expensive for beginners to choose premium. ($99.95 per month)
The user interface might be a little simpler.

2. Ahrefs:
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Ahrefs is also a great tool that provides you with the same features as in SEMrush. We like this tool for our business because it is equipped with a simple interface and allows you to find the right keyword using keyword complexity, CPC and much more.

To test SERP tracking, it has interesting features that give you detailed information about the positions of your keywords. This tool can be a great option for both on-page and off-page SEO.

The best thing we like about Ahref is that Ahref does not provide you with keyword search results tracking, but also allows you to know the expected traffic, the volume of keywords, the functionality of search results and the complexity of keywords. Basically, digital marketing specialist, professional bloggers, agencies and business owners use this tool to check the details of keywords and search for valuable keywords.

The only thing that hurts newcomers the most is the price. The basic plan starts at $99 per month and increases to $999 per month for a business plan. If you can afford the price, Ahref can provide you with detailed information about the ranking and positions of your keywords.

You can also get information about lost backlinks, new backlinks, broken links and reference domains.


Find new lost and broken backlinks.
Allows you to find the link binding text.
The best tool for finding competitors’ keywords.
Pricing can be a problem for beginners.
The interface is food, but not for beginners.

3. AccuRanker:
Search Results Tracking Tool

Our next tool is AccuRanker, and this tool is different from the two above, since this tool was mainly focused on SERP.

Let us tell you something, AccuRanker is, in fact, those who manage agencies, a large number of blogs or for those who are engaged in SEO, so the price of the site is higher, and it is difficult for a beginner to afford this tool.

Thus, as a tool AccRanker, SEO professionals, agencies, and digital marketers are becoming more and more useful to track the position of their target keywords in various search engines such as Google, YouTube, Bing, Baidu, Yandex.

It also allows you to track data from various types of devices, such as work results on desktop, mobile or local devices. Because AccuRanker promises to provide 99.9% accurate data, and that’s why many SEO professionals like to have this tool.

As we mentioned above, the price of the plan is the only thing that hurts you, but the product has the best value for money.

Comes with a 14-day money back policy.
It’s easy to find positrons of keywords.
Incredible customer support.
Too expensive.
Download statistics can be improved.
You cannot export data from more than 250 keywords to multiple domain names.
4. Professional tracker with a long tail:
A tool for tracking search results

A Long Tail Pro rank tracking tool that removes barricades so that users can find long tail keywords and track the positions of your keywords.

Professional bloggers and digital marketing specialists highly recommend this tool because of its unique long-tail keyword search features.

From this you can understand that this tool mainly focuses on long tail keyword search, tracking your competitor’s keywords and ranking factors, and besides, you can also track your keywords.

If you have just started working in this industry, you can try this tool to find profitable keywords with a long tail and track them using multiple filters.

Just one click is enough to find voluminous keywords with a long tail.
The rank tracking function works with full accuracy.
Simple and easy-to-use interface.
You can’t fulfill all your SEO requirements.
If you don’t go with the final plans, you may have limitations.

5. Mango Serpwater:
A search results tracking tool

Mangools SERP Watcher is our newest tool, but make sure it’s no less important as it comes with 5 powerful tools, including (KWFINDER) one of the great ways to find the most profitable keywords.

And all the tools are very capable of increasing the rating of your site. Checking search results allows you to get local search results in more than 50,000 places.

Just enter the target keyword, select the country, device and click the “Scan” button to get all the details. The observer of search results, the miner of backlinks are other tools.

All of them provide you with accurate and accurate data. The great thing about this tool is that we can assume that it is a SERP Watcher, a SERP Checker, because using it, you can get literally all the information about keywords.

Free 10 days available.
The best way to improve your website.
A great feature worth buying.
Customer support may be more promising.
the last word:
In this article, we have presented the 5 best search result tracking tools for tracking the position of keywords with pros and cons. You can view the article and choose the best one according to your needs.