Anti Ad Blocker and VPN Blocker Script for Blogger and WordPress

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So today I will tell you that how can you increase your Adsense Revenue and can protect your Adsense from Invalid VPN Clicks. 

What is Anti AD-Blocker Script and VPN Script ?

Anti AD-Blocker Script is very useful for your Blog if you have Adsense on it and you are willing to increase your revenue . This script is very useful as if anyone would have installes Ad-Blocker ,he or she will not be able to access your site. He must turn his Ad-Blocker off and then come back again and this will surely increase your revenue .

VPN Blocker Script is too very useful for any Blog . If you are using Blogger you may know that there are no plugins availabe in Blogger to protect Adsense and anyone of your hater can easily disable your Adsense by doing Invalid Clicks or VPN Clicks so if anyone turned on VPN cant visir your sites . He/she has to disable his VPN and then re-visit your site. This will make your Adsense safe surely.

How to install Anti-Ad Blocker Script on Blogger and WordPress ?

Well , its really very easy and simple to install these scripts on your Blog. You just need to follow the steps told below.

Install on Blogger

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard>Layout> Add a Gadget > HTML 

2. Copy the code from below and paste it there and click on save .

Install on WordPress

1. Go to WP Admin Panel > Appearance > Widgets >HTML

2. Copy below code , paste it there and click on save.