Nintendo Switch Update: You Can Finally Add Bluetooth Audio To Your Device Now

New Delhi: Nintendo made a surprise announcement on Tuesday — that the latest Nintendo Switch Update Version 13.0.0 is available, which will enable the user to add Bluetooth Audio Support to the video game console.

Ever since Nintendo launched its gaming consoles in 2017, the ability to pair the Switch with Bluetooth devices for audio output has been missing. With this software update, the wait for Bluetooth Audio Support is finally over.

However, the new feature has some limitations, according to reports.

How to pair Nintendo Switch with Bluetooth devices?

According to a Nintendo support article, the Nintendo Switch System must be updated to the latest system version in order to enable Bluetooth Audio Support.

To connect with a new Bluetooth Audio device or reconnect a saved device, the user must turn on the Bluetooth Audio device, and open ‘System Settings’ from the Nintendo Switch HOME menu.

To disconnect a paired device, the user can turn off the device or manually disconnect it using the Switch Settings.

The user should choose from the following options available in the Bluetooth Audio section: Pair a new Bluetooth Audio device, Reconnect a saved device, Disconnect a paired device, and Remove a saved device.

Though only one Bluetooth audio device can be paired at a time, the Switch can save up to 10 connected devices, and will work with both the regular Switch and the Switch Lite.

What are the limitations of the new Nintendo Switch feature?

The Nintendo support article lists a number of limitations of the new feature.

  • Only two wireless controllers can be connected to a Nintendo Switch System, while using Bluetooth Audio. Additional wireless controllers cannot be paired until the Bluetooth Audio device is disconnected.
  • Also, Bluetooth microphones are not supported by the system.
  • During a local wireless multiplayer game, Bluetooth audio will be disconnected.
  • Audio latency may also be experienced by the user.


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