Create a Free Blog on Blogger in 2022

Create a Free Blog on Blogger in 2021


 Hii friends,

So today I will tell you that how can you create a free Blog on Blogger for any niche . I will also tell you how you can add a custom domain to that , how can you change theme and much more. You will get to learn really very good information today.

What is Blogger and how to create a free Blog on Blogger ?

So let me answer you quicky about this.      

Blogger is an American Blog publishing service developed by Pyra Labs and lated bought by Google in 2003. Blogger allows you to create a free Blog and forever . You dont need to pay a single penny and Blogger can handle millions of traffic per day for your Blog. Its considered as one of the best platform to host your website in free and as a beginner. 

Now we will look at some Pro’s and Con’s of Blogger

Can handle unlimited Traffic per day You must follow Google’s guideline or else your Blog will be deleted.
No need to worry about website hacking as Google manages the security. You dont get plugins and else you need to do everything by codings.
You will get a free sub-domain on Blogger as (lifetime free)

How to create a Free Blog on Blogger in 2021 ?

Its really very easy to create a free Blog on Blogger. Just follow the steps below to create a free Blog.

1. Go to

2. Signin with your Google account.

3. Create on New Blog 

4. Enter your Blog name and Blog address and click on save.

Whoo!! You have succesfully create a free Blog.

How to change your Blog Theme ?

As a beginner you may not no that by default Blogger installs Contempo Theme on your Blog and you need to change it manually . Its very simple and easy .

If you need a theme you can click here and download any of the theme from there.

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard>Theme.

2. Click on dropdown Menu and click om restore and choose the theme you downloaded from here or any other theme if you have.

Whoo! You are all done changing your theme .

 Now we will know that how can you connect a custom domain to your Blog.

How to connect custom domain to Blogger ?

As we all know that by default Blogger provides subdomain but what if we have purchased a domain from Godaddy or somewhere else and wants to remove that domain. So you need to add custom domain . Now lets get directly to the point and know that how can you connect custom domain to Blogger.

Just follow the simple steps listed below to connect your custom domain to Blogger :-

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard>Settings>

2. Under publishing section click on custom domain and enter your domain name there and click on save. Don’t forget to enter www before your domain.

Ex – In my case my domain is so I will enter 

3. After clicking on save you will get some ns records . Now go to your domain manager and input those nameservers.      After entering the nameservers you need to input 4 IP Addresses there too.                  I have listed them below , you can copy those from here

4. After that wait for 2-3 mins and click on save there.

Whoo!! You are all done

Is it worth creating a Blog on Blogger ?

So my answer will be yess . Its worth making a free Blog on Blogger . You just need to have some patience and keep calm and do hardwork and you will get to know that Blogger is a really best platform for Blogger.

Conclusion :- If you are a beginner and don’t want to waste your money purchasing a domain and hosting . Then you should must try Blogger and should gain some experience .